Vidmate’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Videos of All Time

Vidmate’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Videos of All Time


 In the steadily developing scene of online video utilization, stages like Vidmate have acquired tremendous notoriety for furnishing clients with a huge swath of content to investigate and download. From music recordings to film trailers, viral clasps to instructive substance, Vidmate takes care of a different crowd with shifted interests. Among the plenty of recordings accessible on the stage, some stand out enough to be noticed of millions, turning into the most downloaded recordings ever. How about we dig into Vidmate’s best 10 most downloaded recordings, offering experiences into the substance that has reverberated profoundly with clients around the world?

“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Topping the outlines universally, “Despacito” is an exciting Spanish-language tune that turned into a social peculiarity. With its appealing tune, dynamic visuals, and irresistible beat, this music video amassed billions of perspectives and downloads on stages like Vidmate. Its general allure rose above language hindrances, making it a #1 among clients around the world.

“Child Shark Dance” by Pinkfong Targeting a more youthful crowd

, “Child Shark Dance” overwhelmed the web with its straightforward yet habit-forming song and lovable vivified characters. Youngsters and guardians the same couldn’t avoid downloading this merry video, prompting its consideration in Vidmate’s main 10 most downloaded list.

“State of You” by Ed Sheeran 

Sheeran’s graph-besting hit “State of You” enraptured crowds with its mix of pop, R&B, and dancehall impacts. The music video, highlighting Sheeran’s magnetic exhibition close by a charming storyline, earned colossal fame on Vidmate, hardening its place as quite possibly one of the most downloaded video on the stage.

“Gangnam Style” by PSYA 

viral impression that cleared across the globe, “Gangnam Style” by South Korean craftsman PSY turned into a symbol of web culture. Its peculiar dance moves, appealing tune, and vivid visuals made it a moment hit on Vidmate, where clients rushed to download and share this notorious video.

Film Trailer: 

Avengers: EndgameAs perhaps of the most expected film in realistic history, the trailer for “Justice Fighters: Final plan” created monstrous buzz and energy among fans. Vidmate clients anxiously downloaded this trailer to get looks at their number one Wonder superheroes in real life, adding to its high download count.

“Blurred” by Alan WalkerAlan

 Walker’s “Blurred” evoked an emotional response from electronic music devotees, mixing tormenting vocals with hypnotizing visuals. The music video’s dazzling storyline and climatic symbolism reverberated unequivocally with watchers, driving its prevalence and causing it a top to download on Vidmate.

“Johny Yes Dad” by LooLoo KidsAnother

 kids’ #1, “Johny Yes Father” by LooLoo Children, caught the hearts of youthful crowds with its fun loving song and cute activity. Guardians frequently went to Vidmate to download this healthy video for their youngsters, adding to its colossal download count.

“Sorry” by Justin Bieber Justin

 Bieber’s “Sorry” turned into a hymn of self-reflection and recovery, acquiring inescapable praise for its irresistible beat and infectious verses. The music video’s energetic movement and dynamic visuals reverberated with fans, prompting its prevalence and high download numbers on Vidmate.

“Thunder” by Katy PerryKaty Perry’s enabling song of devotion

 “Thunder” enlivened audience members with its message of solidarity and strength. The music video, including Perry’s wild presentation during a wilderness setting, turned into a #1 among Vidmate clients who resounded with its engaging subjects, adding to its high download count.

“See You Once More” by Wiz Khalifa ft

. Charlie PuthA impactful recognition for companionship and misfortune, “See You Once more” from the film “Irate 7” contacted the hearts of millions with its close to home verses and ardent song. Vidmate clients frequently went to this video for its strong message and mixing visuals, making it one of the stage’s most downloaded recordings ever.


Vidmate’s main 10 most downloaded recordings offer a brief look into the different preferences and inclinations of clients around the world. From outline-beating music hits to viral sensations and dazzling film trailers, these recordings have made a permanent imprint on web culture, spellbinding crowds and gathering a great many downloads. As Vidmate keeps on developing, it stays a go-to objective for clients looking for a broad library of connecting with content to investigate and appreciate.

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